Laresa McIntyre, CMA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Certified Management Acountant

“I have witnessed Laresa's talents on many occasions. She is a detail-oriented, hands-on, highly accessible executive who listens to ideas and can formulate strategies to help the company achieve success. Her determination, self-confidence and excellent leadership skills combine to make Laresa a true asset as a CFO.”

- Michael Hochberger, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, Infinity Sales Group

“In the almost nine years [Laresa] has served our company, she has commanded respect both for her financial skills as our Chief Financial Officer and for her sense of integrity. She is articulate and intelligent in her thoughts and has excellent communication skills. If there was a difficult task to be performed, I knew I could rely on Laresa who always went above and beyond.”

- Ken Rosen, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman, Infinity Sales Group

“Laresa is a very hard working individual and very goal oriented. She sets very high standards for herself and commits to getting things done. [Her] technical skills are high, both in accounting and in systems implementation.”

- Mark Carr, Executive Vice President Art & Antiques, dmg world media

“Laresa is hugely capable and intelligent. Her energy, drive and diligence ensure effective delivery in complex, difficult situations. I have no hesitation recommending Laresa and would seek to work with her in the future should the opportunity arise.”

- Peter Golightly, Chief Information Officer, dmg world media

“Laresa is an exceptional individual and financial professional with a great work ethic. Having worked with Laresa on several occasions on a variety projects over several years, I can wholeheartedly recommend her as being hard working, professional, a problem solver, knowledgeable and highly motivated. She would be a considerable asset to any company she works for.”

- Mark Lawrence, Group Finance Systems Manager, dmg world media

“Laresa is great to have on the team. Her drive, understanding of the business and attention to detail make her a real asset. Would love the opportunity to work with Laresa again.”

- Michael Sicely, Executive VP Finance & IT, dmg world media

"Laresa is an extremely competent finance and operations professional. She has worked in worldwide financial and budgeting activities and has been deeply involved in M&A processes at the integration end of that process. Laresa is capable of 'running the gamut' of financial processes of diverse business from corporate wide ERP selection and installation, to Quickbooks where it fits as the right solution. I view Laresa as a great find and fit for a firm looking to hire a seasoned finance professional."

- Allan Chrystal, VP Finance B2B, dmg world media

“Laresa is a great resource in the financial analysis area and also has a vast knowledge of manufacturing operations...”

- Jack Herba, Finance Director, Mill’s Pride

“I highly recommend Laresa. She has tremendous attention to detail without losing sight of the overall objectives of a project. Laresa develops creative solutions and is adept at navigating through barriers to success. She has one of the best work ethics I know of with integrity to match.”

- Tim Elsass, Officer – Supply Mgmt Services, Nationwide Insurance

“Laresa has always given me excellent support and advice with respect to forecasting and budgeting. Indeed, most recently she has completed a forecast model that for the first time links volume to revenue and cost.”

- Richard Lewis, VP Art & Antiques, dmg world media

“She is not afraid of challenges that are presented to her and works hard at developing systems and methods of reporting that are beneficial not only to the finance department but to the production staff as well. She projects a professional attitude about all aspects of her job.”

- Philippe Benoit, Accounting Manager, Culinar Foods

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the [A.T.] Kearney folks and you surpass anything they could do for us. Your hard work, analytical skills, ability to present detailed information in an easily understood format and wonderful personality will serve you well…”

- Mark Knapp, Wausau Insurance (a subsidiary of Nationwide)