Laresa McIntyre, CMA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Certified Management Acountant

"Laresa is hugely capable and intelligent. Her energy, drive and diligence ensure effective delivery in complex, difficult situations. I have no hesitation recommending Laresa and would seek to work with her in the future should the opportunity arise.” - Peter Golightly, Chief Information Officer, dmg world media

"Laresa is a very hard working individual and very goal oriented. She sets very high standards for herself and commits to getting things done. [Her] technical skills are high, both in accounting and in systems implementation.” - Mark Carr, Executive Vice President, Arts & Antiques dmg world media

“Laresa is an extremely competent finance and operations professional. She has worked in world wide financial and budgeting activities and has been deeply involved in M&A processes at the integration end of that process. I view Laresa as a great find and fit for a firm looking to hire a seasoned finance professional." - Allan Crystal VP Finance B2B, dmg world media

“Laresa is great to have on the team. Her drive, understanding of the business and attention to detail make her a real asset. Would love the opportunity to work with Laresa again.” - Michael Sicely, Executive VP Finance & IT, dmg world media

My passion has always been business and I have over 20 years of experience. While I started in finance, in today's digital environment a successful executive needs to expand and evolve. I was therefore given over time the opportunity and additional responsibility for human resources and marketing. This has allowed for efficiencies in operations and focus on a common goal - drive sales and grow the business. I have provided guidance and management to companies in a diversity of industries including manufacturing, event management, publishing, insurance and retail. In each step of my career, I have brought a heightened sense of what is needed to make a business successful, and have provided the leadership and drive necessary to make it happen. In addition to harnessing this expertise for my current employer, areas of excellence include:

  • Financial reporting & analysis
  • Human Resources management
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Strategic planning
  • Redesigning business processes
  • Project management
  • Integrating acquisitions
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